Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently asked questions

Do you travel? What is the travel fee?

Yes we travel! We love creating tables out to town in new settings. We do charge a travel fee which is $1/mile to the location and back with the first 20 miles free of charge. Unless overnight accomodations are made on travel more than 2 hours away we can only offer flat lay grazing tables with rentals provided by the client and not our own. When inquiring about travel please provide an exact address to the location/venue so we may calculate the travel fee and include it in the quote!

Do you have a store front?

Not at the moment! So until then we deliver or we can offer pick up or arrange to meet.

How do I book a Grazing Table?

You may view our prices and options via the grazing tables tab. Once youhave an idea of what you want you can either fill out the quote form or send us an email, or give us a call. Once we have gone over the details with you we will send over an offical quote for you to look over. Once you have accepted the quote we will send over a contract to be signed and returned to us. The signed contract along with a 50% deposit paid will fully book and save your date and time!

What is the difference between "flat lay" and "multi dimensional" grazing tables?

Flat lay has no height or table scape accessories but has everything included in the table descriptions which you can find on the grazing tables tab. It comes with greenery and light flowers of your choice and includes bowls and is completely disposable and easy clean up. Multi dimensional tables come with slightly heavier hors d'oeuvres, full use of our table scape accessories and rental (crates, vases, boards, ect) that come in many different styles. Along with greenery and florals of your choice.

What is the set up/clean up procedure for grazing tables?

For flat lay grazing tables (no rentals provided by us) we typically require 1-2 hours of set up time at the location/venue depending on the amount of people being served. Since we do not need our rentals back and everything included in the table is disposable, clean up is a breeze. Just roll up the kraft paper and throw away! For multi dimensional the same amount of time is required for set up (approximately 1-2 hours depending) and the customer is resposible for making sure the rentals are free of large particles of food and returning or arranging pick up of rentals with us.

Do you provide the tables for table grazing?

Not at this time. The client is resposible for providing an adeqate space for us to create a spread upon. We have aso created "tables" on counters, islands and other spaces within homes. If you need any table rental recommendations we are happy to help with that.

What type of styles do you offer for tables?

We love themes and offering unique styling options for every table. We can create many different styles such as rustic winery, modern, classic and romatic wedding, boho, ecclectic, ect... Since every table is custom we completely work with the clients to create a matching table to suit their vision.

What is your donation policy?

We have chosen a few charities that we patron and can offer only a few full donations per year. However, we do offer a 20% discount for non-profit organizations.

Are you fully insured?

Yes we are a fully insured company.

Where are you located?

We are based in Fresno California and service the Central Valley